Los Angeles Transgender Film Festival


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Sunday November 4th Schedule

The Workmen's Circle Cultural Center
1525 S. Robertson Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90035

2 pm Work of Art! shorts program (short films program, 90 mins)

Dig deep into the twisted imaginations and tumultuous lives of trans and genderqueer characters and storytellers. With biting sarcasm, deadpan wit, and creative takes on life, this collection of short films will make you laugh, provoke deep thoughts, and inspire you to make your own art.
Community Collaborator: The Center Long Beach
The Center

Feeling Reserved: Alexus’ Story dir Jessica McCormack 6 min.
An experimental animated documentary about criminalization.

The Hawker dir Elisha Lim & Coco Riot 2 min.
"When I was a kid in Singapore, the same person served me chicken rice every day. I didn't know if that person was a man or a woman, and that was awesome."

Elephant in the Room dir Lucas Crawford & Melisa Brittain 5 min.
Repurposing the “heterosexual questionnaire”, this film asks viewers about their own investments in slender culture, fat phobia, and self-shaming.

Ink Deep dir Constance Levesque 2 min.
Through-out the first five months of his hormone reassignment therapy, Rémy Leroux, a transsexual, takes us through his body to his mind, his gender and his identity.

Putting the I in Trans dir Steen Starr 5 min.
Following some in-depth Pride coverage by a major Canadian newspaper, community are asked for their comments on a long overlooked aspect of identity.

Falling in Love…with Chris and Greg Work of Art! Reality TV Special dir Chris Vargas and Greg Youmans 14 min.
Chris and Greg compete on a reality television show to be The Next Great Artist. The challenge: "Create a successful piece of queer art about failure." Can they make it through a double elimination?

Lili Longed To Feel Her Insides dir Adelaide Windsome & Wren Warner 5 min.
Lili longed to feel her insides is a short fairy tale inspired by the life of Lili Elbe.

Slippery dir Sandra Alland 2 min.
A fun stop-motion meditation on the slippery nature of language.

Sally's Story dir Mark Andersson 21 min. (Australia, in English)
Self-proclaimed bi-sexual transgender Jewish cowgirl Sally Goldner tells her story of self- discovery, as she navigates the gender path on the way to her 45th birthday.

Ese Hombre dir Natalie Chang 5 min. (in Spanish with English subtitles)
A showgirl meets a man and falls in love in this stylized music video that takes place in a trans-cabaret in San Francisco .

All She'll Ever Hurt  dir David Joseph 5 min.
Official music video for the song “All She’ll Ever Hurt” from the album High Maintenance by “The Sexual Side Effects.”

Genderfreak dir Rebecca Louisell 18 min.
What happens when Rachel, the token straight girl to her friends, meets a genderqueer teenager named Sammy who just might be able to play guitar to her violin?

4 pm Against a Trans narrative (Documentary, 61 mins)

Trans filmmaker Jules Rosskam's Against a Trans Narrative is a provocative and personal experimental documentary investigating dominant constructions of trans-masculine identity, gender, and the nature of community. Blending fiction, nonfiction, and experimental film genres, against a trans narrative employs a gender-busting combination of intimate diary footage, stylized dramatic scenes, spoken word performance, faux audition tapes, and roundtable interview footage to explore and initiate a dialogue between feminists, queers, and transfolk about the way we construct personal and historical narratives. Careful attention is paid to the ways generation, race, class, and culture impact our understandings of gender.

Preceded by:
My Inner Turmoil dir R 8 min.
Priya faces angst as she navigates the emotional hardship of switching genders on a daily basis and her inability to be her true self, brought in by complications of immigration, employment, culture and her family's incomplete acceptance.

Transpass dir Wren Warner 16 min.
Transpass is a documentary exposing the negative effects of the gender sticker on the SEPTA transportation pass in Philidelphia, and one communities response.

The Second Annual Audience Award for Best Short Film will be presented following the screening.

5:30 pm Against a Trans Narrative Panel Discussion (Free)
Join us as for a panel discussion on how we can make trans media on our own terms, and resist the trans narratives that get placed upon us.

6:30 pm Closing Night Reception